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ASK THE Doctor
Q My little grandson is a really picky eater. So much so that my daughter feels she is struggling to get the nutrients that he needs into him. She has just started to wean her baby daughter and I’m sure I read somewhere that you can reduce the risk o
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Afraid To Ask?
Q I am 53 and recently I’ve developed what I can only describe as acne! I never had spots on my face as a teenager but now my forehead, cheeks and nose are red and covered in them. A It sounds like you may have rosacea. This is a skin condition tha
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Jenica Andersen, 37, always knew she wanted a sibling for her five-year-old son, but the single mum hadn’t managed to meet ‘the one’. ‘I realised I have the rest of my life to look for my forever person and this short window to grow the family that I