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When Britain went to war with Germany in 1939, millions of British men marched off into the unknown to fight for king and country, notIt’s a question we consider in this month’s essential guide, which explores World War II from the perspective of British civilians on the home front – from rationing and shortages, to the terrors of aerial bombings and the evacuation of millions of children and vulnerable people. Turn to page 26 to find out more.

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History Extra Podcast
bit.ly/FoodPod93 This ‘virtual lecture’ explores some of the big questions of medieval food: what did people in the Middle Ages eat? Who did the cooking? What kinds of flavours were must-haves on the tables of the rich and powerful? And, conversely
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Did You Know?
Following the battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror set about building castles all over England to help secure his new throne. From only a handful before the Conquest, there were at least 500 castles by the time of his death in 1087. ■
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Could The Romanovs Have Been Saved?
Europe looked on in horror as the Romanov dynasty collapsed in 1917 – not since the execution of Louis XVI during the French Revolution had a monarchy crumbled so dramatically. But could anyone have done anything to save them? Before the outbreak of