Classic Boat

Timewarp barn-find Finn

Edited by Steffan Meyric Hughes +44 (0)207 349 3758


British Finn K17 has recently reemerged after being in a barn for around. She was originally bought by Chris Heywood and brother then sailed in the 1956 Olympic trials, coming in fifth overall, after which she was little used.

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Joiner’s Name Stamp
The relationship that develops between an artist or maker and his or her hand tools is difficult to describe, but the pain felt when a tool is lost might be compared to losing a finger – because it’s in the hand that the loss is most keenly felt. A r
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Craftsmanship Yard News
Hughes: +44 (0)207 349 3758 Email: KILRUSH, IRELAND The rebirth of an entire class sounds like the stuff of pipe dreams, but it is precisely what has been going on for the last few years at the Kilrush Boatyard in County Cla
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The Need For Speed
When someone is drowning out at sea there is always a need for speed but there are so many aspects to rescue at sea. Anyone going to the rescue has to first of all get to the wreck and then when they have rescued the survivors they have to get safely