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aying that you need to alter your approach to capturing light according to a given scene might seem like an obvious statement. However, it’s surprising

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Photography Week1 min lettiComputers
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Photography Week2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Essential Gear
A 10-stop neutral-density filter like the ‘Big Stopper’ from Lee Filters, or the six stopper variant Jeremy’s using here, blocks out light, allowing you to shoot super-long exposures. A 10-stop filter will turn a standard shutter speed of 1/30 sec in
Photography Week1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Technique Assessment
To start, Jeremy set David’s camera to Aperture Priority mode (Av on the mode dial), so that he could have full control over the aperture setting. For most of the cityscapes they’d be using a mid-range aperture of between f/11 and f/16 to get a large