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When it comes to training gundogs, few are aspassionate—ormeticulous—as Zachary Kellerman. The founder of CedarOak Kennels in Southern Illinois,Kellermanhas devoted

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Steak À La Helen
Helen Frutiger cooked on a cast-iron grill, tucked into a brick wall in a brick ranch house with a backyard that sloped toward a creek. With a used French’s mustard bottle at her side, filled with water to knock down grease flames, she grilled the fa
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Want More? How about 200 Questions?
If you passed this quiz with flying colors, want to bolster your Southern bona fides, or are ready to win the night at a holiday party, you just might enjoy Garden & Gun’s Bless Your Heart: 200 Trivia Questions to Prove Your Southern Know-How (Clarks
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How Southern Are You?
Endowed with bulbous bodies, large hairy snouts, leathery skin known to sport barnacles, and deep-set eyes, Florida manatees are herbivorous mammals found along Southeastern coasts and especially along the Sunshine State. When the Gulf of Mexico and