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Meditation is a big thing for me. I use a layman’s app called Headspace and do 20 minutes of meditation once a day. Just getting some

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All In One
Several important lessons emerged from the chaos of 2020. It’s not wise to drink coffee before wearing a face mask, for example, and more importantly, you don’t need a gym full of kit to stay in shape. You might have known that already, of course, bu
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Kit Check
These shoes are stiff enough for wall lead routes but have a special indoor rubber compound to really stick those plastic holds on the boulders. As Phillips says, climbing shoes should fit like a glove but not be overly tight and painful. These cl
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Glucose And Performance
1. When consumed, all carbohydrates are converted to glucose, the body’s primary fuel source. 2. Glucose is first used for immediate fuelling demands, such as muscles and brain cells. But when it’s not needed it gets converted to its storage form, g