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Moon Planting – using nature’s timing guide

lanting by the moon is a trusted tool created by farmers and gardeners, who noted the patterns of the monthly and annual moon cycles and how produce differed when planted in different moon phases. Over time and through trial and

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Grow to Eat2 min letti
Holy mackerel – what a year 2020 has been. I thought it would never end, and yet it seems as though it has only just begun! At least lockdown allowed me to achieve one of my New Year’s resolutions: spend more time in the garden! I don’t want to linge
Grow to Eat2 min lettiNature
No Rest For The Wicked… Especially In Summer
In nature you find the good (beneficial organisms), the bad (destructive pests) and the ugly, which includes beneficial and destructive pests. Beneficial insects and wildlife can work hand in hand to keep nasty pests under control. One example of thi
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Ginger And Lemon Digestive
2 thumb-sized pieces of fresh unpeeled ginger, gratedJuice of 1 lemonPinch of pink saltSmall dash black pepper (or cayenne pepper, if you can handle it)3 lemon balm or mint leaves, chopped5 whole fennel seeds Place in a small jar and top with ½ cup w