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My Family Album
My mum Nellie’s family the Rennies occupied Flobbets Croft from before 1841 until 1944. The house was owned by various Earls of Aberdeen until my grandfather William bought it in 1919. My mum Nellie behind Auntie Gladys and Auntie Ella, 1922. My gr
Who Do You Think You Are?1 min letti
Book Ahead
w In response to the coronavirus pandemic, FamilySearch has announced that RootsTech, the world’s largest family history show, will take place online this year. There will be classes, keynote speeches, a virtual marketplace featuring ‘
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Military Picture Analysis
Q I found this photograph among some things inherited by my partner’s Scottish aunt. We guess there is some significance to the elephant brooch pinning the subject’s chest plaid. Any information would be welcome! Sylvia Gillies A This is a studio