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What is a Great Conjunction?

he year 2020 will be one that many of us will be forgiven for wanting to forget but in astronomical terms it will end in

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Price £233 • Supplier Telescope House Tel 01342 837098 • This pop-up tent is a great observatory solution – whether you’re looking for something to take with you into the field or a cheap home option. Set your equipment up in o
BBC Sky at Night1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
A Month With The Moon
16-PAGE CENTRE PULLOUT EVENING ENCOUNTER As it re-emerges in twilight skies, Venus is joined by Mercury APRIL SHOWER Spot the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower Astronomy expert Pete Lawrence is a skilled astro imager and a presenter on The Sky at Night
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Type La Supernovae
Two stars are orbiting one another in a binary star system. One dies to become a dense white dwarf star. Its strong gravity allows it to steal material from its neighbour, increasing its own mass in the process. As the white dwarf’s mass nears the Ch