The Art of Navigation

hen two prominent features appear in a line, one behind the other as seen from your boat, it forms a line of position, or a range line. Before electronic position fixing, the use of ranges was the tried-and-true method of staying in the center of a channel and knowing when to make a course change. Even if your boat is equipped with a suite of modern electronics, a range line can come in handy. The use of ranges is especially valuable when you want to increase situational awareness without taking your eyes off the horizon. Monitoring a range line is one of the best ways to assess the set of the current or to distinguish safe from hazardous

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JOHN HARRIS is a bit of a Renaissance man. A trained musician who loves not only jazz but just about any sort of music, he also is the founder and owner of Chesapeake Light Craft, a build-your-own-boat company that sells complete kits and plans for e
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All Quiet On Casco Bay
I’ve always loved the clean, uninterrupted lines of lobster boats, and like the traditionalists who say you can’t put an outboard on one, I balked when builders of Downeast-style boats said they were going to build outboard-powered models. But in 201
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Cutwater C-32 CB
The wilds of the Pacific Northwest are not to be taken lightly. Though beautiful, the rocky shores, verdant outcrops and deserted scenery—much of it accessible only by boat—come with their own unique challenges. Hard-to-spot deadheads float in the wa