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Include these healthy and delicious foods in your diet…

Quinoa contains almost three times the amount of (complete) protein and it’s a complex carbohydrate to boot. This means it’s perfect

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All nuts can lower risk of heart disease by reducing overall cholesterol, but according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, walnuts go one step further. The study followed 600 participants for two years a
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Ideal if you can’t get hold of any weights during current restrictions – this cheap yet surprisingly sturdy band has received good reviews online. Slender Plan by Superdrug Powerband is the ideal training tool to help you increase strength and stabil
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Try Journalling
‘Why not use the time that you would scroll in the evening to journal?’ suggests Prevett. ‘Perhaps use it as a time to explore your addiction: where it’s coming from. Think of what nourishing activity you could replace it with. Starting and ending yo