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Well heeled

n , Thais Mather’s is a parody and an homage to the idea of female beauty—gilded Gucci high heels paired with a replica of a pre-Columbian

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Hidden Jewels
Small enough for her fingers to close over it, the pendant resting on Martha J. Egan’s palm demands a closer look. It bears an image of the Virgin Mary in absolute miniature. “In Copacabana,” she says, referencing the art form’s Brazilian artisans, “
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Take Flight
Early last September, I walked up from the wetlands at Río Fernando Park and onto the streets of Taos. I’d passed the afternoon photographing a pair of Cooper’s hawks and a massive great horned owl along the banks of the little creek that cuts throug
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TAKE FLIGHT, P. 36 “For me, birds were a gateway to understanding the world around me and my place in it,” says writer and photographer Jim O’Donnell. “As I came to comprehend the diversity of species, their extreme intelligence, and our impacts on t