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When we first went into lockdown, a home fitness revolution was born. But without the guidance of a PT or the ability to copy the bloke on the bench over, Brits had to take exercise instruction into their own hands – by doing

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Find The Time To Train
If you travel by public transport, look at whether there’s an opportunity to get off at an earlier stop and run or ride the rest of the way. This can be particularly good for introducing workouts to commutes, or other regular journeys, that are too l
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Workout Wisdom
Often people don’t feel happy with their progress, because they have no idea where they want to get to. As soon as you materialise in your mind how you want to look or what numbers you want to hit, and set a timeline for hitting those goals, you crea
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Access All Areas
For an optimum blend of fat burn and muscle gain, full-body training is about as effective as it gets. This session, from groundbreaking AI-led fitness app Trion, loads up your legs before hitting your chest, back and shoulders. The result is a total