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Readers were asked to provide examples of a tired cliché used in a context where it could be read literally. Thanks to Ellie Henderson for the suggestion. Hamilton’s Neal Utting: They were really going to town in the quiet country pub. Kate Gore, Pye
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Emotional Intimacy
By Roger Shepherd’s account, his Flying Nun label released 75 albums, 78 EPs and 31 singles in its first decade to 1991. Amid that avalanche of music, some acts slipped from his grasp, notably Dunedin’s Netherworld Dancing Toys, fronted by genial, bo
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Te Rauparaha’s footprints cover much of the country, from the west coast of the North Island down to the east coast of the South. His haka, Ka Mate, thunders across rugby fields around the world. Yet his story, 125 pages of neat copperplate writing i