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Compound bows are complex machines that require TLC to keep them working right. An often-overlooked part of the process is storing your bow properly, whether for a weekend, a month or the off-season.

My storage routine is pretty simple. Unless I’m flying and require a hard-sided bow case for protection against the baggage-handling gorillas that throw your checked luggage around with impunity, I store my

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Deer & Deer Hunting5 min lettiCrime & Violence
Who Would Ever Know?
I grew up in a small agricultural town in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Located about 75 north of Los Angeles, the thought of going to the “Big City” so scarified all my buddies and me that we never even considered it. I had none of those big city temptatio
Deer & Deer Hunting7 min letti
From The Woods To The Wall
As much as the storyteller within me aches to gin up at least measurable drama, the episode I want to relate evolved much too rapidly. On my periphery in the gray morning, there suddenly emerged a splendid buck, and within three seconds, the hillside
Deer & Deer Hunting3 min letti
Lever Revival
If you think back on all of the years modern man has been hunting white-tailed deer, you might gloss over the fact that one rifle has been responsible for bringing home the lion’s share of that vension: the lever-action. And while it’s true the .30-3