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S indie Stark Raven Press specialises in fantastic and speculative literature, particularly horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy.

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Writing Magazine1 min letti
Jan Moran Neil has extended the deadline for the When This Is Over anthology, in aid of Rennie Grove Nurses, and will accept submissions of poems or prose up to 200 words on the experience of living through the pandemic up to 31 March. Details: email
Writing Magazine2 min letti
On The Air
As difficult times continue every writer needs all the help they can get to promote their writing work. Some things are ruled out; there have been precious few signing sessions in bookshops of late and writers like myself who are used to speaking at
Writing Magazine4 min letti
Do Your Own Thing
Many years ago, when I was wedded to the idea of getting a book published by what is known as traditional means – that is with one of the mainstream publishers – it seemed the only way possible. It meant submitting one’s (paper) manuscript on spec to