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The Nürnberg Rallies

During his earliest years, young Adolf Hitler attended an Austrian church and was moved by the pageantry and rituals of the Roman Catholic religion. Later, as a wandering vagabond, he painted and sold his art works while educating himself by devouring hundreds of written works in public libraries and coffee shops. During this time, the structure of Europe was rapidly changing. Hitler watched history unfold before his eyes.

He took every opportunity to express his growing ideas on Nationalism and the greatness of the German race to anyone who would listen among the poor and destitute with whom he lived. Later, while residing in a homeless shelter for men, Hitler spoke with an acquaintance at length on the power of advertising to sway vast numbers of people. He).

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The Jag File
Whether you are casually interested or deeply rooted in American history, you have probably heard the story of General George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware on the night of December 25–26, 1776. While the morning attack on the Hessian garrison
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27-12-4. Walter Seal indicated that the blue chevrons on the black background are 1902 Regular U.S. Army pattern chevrons worn on everyday worn uniform. He added, “The same type chevron with a thin white edge along the blue stripe was worn on the dre
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