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In my previous articles concerning what makes a good target rifle, I described models which are competition-winning designs, with prices that reflect this top-of-the-range technology.

Just because a design costs a lot of money, it does not mean that using it will instantly improve your scores. A good rifle will allow you to make the best of your talent when you realise that the only way to greatly improve your chance of success is with a ridiculous amount of practice.

All of the superb trigger and action assemblies available near the £2,000 mark will only allow you to produce a consistent shot release as long as you practise to perfect your ability to mount the gun so it fits with your

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Airgun Shooter2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
£149 Pao Solar 600
Measuring 95x70x33mm and weighing 175g, the PAO Solar 600 is not only small and light, but the cheapest product in our test, and thanks to a solar panel that recharges the C2 battery, it’s one of the most innovative too. PAO designed the product at t
Airgun Shooter2 min lettiScience & Mathematics
£368.99 Sig Sauer Kilo 1400 Bdx
The Sig Sauer KILO 1400 BDX may carry a premium price, even if it is towards the lower end of the American company’s range, but there’s no doubting the product’s quality and easy-to-use design. Made from high-quality polymers with rubberised textured
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From Hft To Pest-free
The airgunning community as a whole has many different facets to it, be it hunting, pest control, benchrest, HFT/FT, bell target or plinking. How many shooters of these disciplines could lend a helping hand to one another with a transfer of skill set