The colours seem to bloom and roil within the frame. Flares of turquoise punctuate tracts of cold teal, clots of periwinkle surrounded by deep midnight set off small canary tendrils; the images look like they could be the cross-sections of some alien sediment or darkly psychedelic weather maps. They are in fact images from an unconventional tarot deck. Where tarot cards are often used to divine information about the past, present, and future, these ones encourage contemplation and offer a path to higher planes of thought.

That was the intention of their creator, Ithell Colquhoun, an underacknowledged female artist in early 20th century Britain. A painter, writer, and occultist, Ithell’s work was associated with British surrealism until her more esoteric interests were said to have seen her rejected by the movement. Much of her work, such as her taro

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Cr Kennedy
You slave hard over your prints, it would be a shame to do them the disservice of poorly cut photo paper — treat them well with a high-quality Rotatrim cutter. Rotatrim cutters are made from the finest steel sourced from Sheffield, UK, providing a sm
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Humanity And Earth Contest Returns
A local photography competition designed to pull focus on issues of national and global significance returns for 2021. The Whanganui Salon, hosted by the Whanganui Camera Club, is a biennial photography contest with a continued overarching theme: Hum
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Of Peaks And Petals
Spid Pye is one of Aotearoa’s most sought after commercial shooters. His idiosyncratic approach to portraiture has won over big clients both here and abroad, and he’s pulled in a number of the most prestigious international photography awards along t