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Pleasure? GUILTY!

“We’ve got to indulge in pleasure in order to have a good life.”

As the end of the year draws near, our minds inevitably turn to the best things in life: more time with family, parties (albeit small, socially distanced ones) and wonderful food shared with loved ones. But indulgence often comes with a sense of guilt, and we may find ourselves resisting that second serving of Christmas pudding – or feeling remorse if we don’t.

That niggling feeling that treating ourselves is somehow wrong can lead us to feel we don’t deserve the new dress we’ve saved up to buy, or that

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SERVES 6 PREP TIME 30 MINUTES 12 small (60g) rice paper rounds½ small (200g) red papaya, sliced thinly2 medium (170g) kiwifruit, sliced thinly125g small strawberries, halved125g raspberries, halved½ cup mint leaves 2 (130g) limes2 tablespoons ho
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