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A wooden conundrum

My work as an antique arms and armour valuer doesn’t begin and end with guns. I have to assess all sorts of other items as well, most commonly edged weapons. However, every now and then something turns up that completely stumps me.

The wooden object here is one such. It is what I would call a sword-club. But where was it from? Now, I must say that I get myriad clubs through

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Jocker Fibre Cup Wad
The very latest fibre wad development is that recently launched by French company Jocker. This is a full cup wad with a shot cup preventing the shot touching the barrel bore, a fibre wad under the shot to provide cushioning and a gas seal skirt forme
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Expect The Unexpected
As we enter the woods, we never know what is going to appear around the next tree. Yes, we are aware of deer that frequent a particular territory on their daily foraging, looking for those tasty morsels so full of the energy that is critical to their
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Easy Life
There are two areas that I would like to highlight. First, rabbits: with this, the starting position may require the body to be bent forward from the waist to allow the stock to get located in the shoulder correctly as it is mounted; and secondly, a