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There is no better way to spend an evening or morning than sitting in the reeds or in a hide, waiting for duck to come in.

When Steve Lee and I worked on the wildfowling section of Feathers: The Game Larder, we went out with a good friend, Chris Whiley. We got up at 4am to drive there on a cold October morning. After we had togged up with waders, Chris led Steve and his camera to a reed

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Weekend Twitter poll
Which duck do you most enjoying seeing on the foreshore? ■
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Cull Before The Storm
For at least 20 years, deer stalking has been one of the brightest stars in the shooting firmament. Its rise has tracked the steady growth in the range and population of our six native or naturalised deer species and has effectively resulted in the e
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Game Cookery
At the beginning of any other year, I’d be shopping for southeast Asian foods. However, this year, it is not simply because they have a healthy freshness. Not being able to go out to eat has made me nostalgic for those places where you can enjoy the