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7 POINT Horse Emergency Plan How Will You Keep Your Horses Safe?
Safety around paddocks and stables - Natural disasters - Animal & plant diseases – Transport In a major emergency, there may be nobody to help you, no power, no communications, no emergency services, no veterinarian, no daylight. What is your plan? 1
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The Equicentral System Basics
• The main facilities, water, shade and shelter, hay and supplementary feeding are positioned in a central, surfaced holding yard, so the horses can always return to them from the pasture they are grazing.• All the paddocks are linked directly to thi
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March-April Issue
• Birth Trauma Part 2: Keep following this exclusive series of articles in which Dr Ian Bidstrup explores the ongoing impact of unresolved birth trauma and how we can reduce its impact and long-term effects to hardly noticeable • Busfire Recovery Par