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The Sunday Club
Little Sunday Denyer has some famous namesakes. Radio host Kate Langbroek chose the name for her now 15-year-old daughter, and joked Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban “stole” it from her when they christened their now 12-year-old Sunday Rose. Mike Myers
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Moon Message
This week we are in the waning cycle of the Moon. That is when the Moon has just been Full and is now on its way to being New again. Remember, we get a New Moon once a month and a Full Moon once a month. As a general rule of thumb,  they come two wee
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When it comes to shaping brows, forget trends. Instead, let your bone structure guide you, says Anastasia Soare – the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills – who tends to the brows of Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham. To find the shape that best suit