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“I remember sitting by myself in the doctor’s office in Los Angeles,” recalls 42-year-old Jeremy Robertson of his diagnosis ten years ago. “I didn’t know anyone in town and I knew enough about diabetes to know that type 1, at that point, automatically disqualified you from holding a Class 1 aviation medical [a certificate required to be a commercial pilot in Australia]. So I knew that my career stopped dead that day.”

Jeremy had been working as a pilot with Qantas on the Boeing 747 and 767 for nine years

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Your Community
The global diabetes community is 463 million adults strong (and counting). That’s nearly one in 10 people, all of whom can offer each other support, understanding, and empowerment. When you’re active in the diabetes community, it not only helps other
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Sweet Substitutes
The family of low-kilojoule sugar substitutes has almost quadrupled since the 1990s. Those familiar pink and blue packets are now joined by dozens of other granular, icing, liquid, and brown-sugar-like products, not to mention a host of packaged food
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Online weight MANAGEMENT
If losing weight is one of your New Year resolutions, you might be wondering how you will go about achieving your weight loss goal. A dietitian is a good place to start, particularly if you are seeking individualised advice. But if you feel that a mo