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The game is set 23 years after the original film trilogy, and completely ignores Alien: Resurrection. The audio replicates the sensations of the films, so expect eerie echoes and the ping of a detector. Aliens include facehuggers and acid spewers, pl
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PLAY NOW Fighting Vipers
Back in 1995 a move that enabled you to blast the clothes of your rival was a neat gimmick. In 2021 the idea of reducing your opponent to their underwear raises an eyebrow.1 Regardless, Fighting Vipers’ armour-breaking setup adds a layer of tactics t
Official PlayStation Magazine - UK Edition1 min letti
Serial Cleaners
FORMAT PS4 / ETA TBC PUB DRAW DISTANCE / DEV DRAW DISTANCE / PLAYERS 1 If the Mafia series is about blazing a bloody trial through a mobster fantasy, Serial Cleaners focuses on what happens next. It’s New York City in the ’90s, and you’re hired by a