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LAST WEEKEND, MY HUSBAND AND I hiked a small section of the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota. It was late autumn, so the maple forests had already

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Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Monday, January 11
OUR ONLY DAUGHTER, MARIE, DECIDED four years was long enough to work in retail. She enrolled in a program that helps women find new jobs. In her initial interview, she told the director, “I’d be happy to sit in a cubicle all day and enter data.” Mari
Mornings with Jesus1 min letti
Thursday, January 14
MY FEATURES RESEMBLE MY LATE father, just as my daughter is my mini-me. Our full lips, smiles, and artistic natures mimic Dad’s. I’m fascinated by how each of us, deep within our DNA, carry reflections of our forefathers. As I gather facts and photos
Mornings with Jesus2 min letti
Thursday, January 28
MY MOM WAS RIGHT WHEN she said, “You never stop mothering.” Even as a mother of adult sons, I’m tempted to manage them, but I know I need to let them figure out their own lives. Especially as they struggle with adult issues such as heartbreak, career