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There is a period of a few weeks after a fawn is born that is mostly hidden to the prying eyes of humans. We occasionally get a glimpse into this secret period when we are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Maybe we stumble on a newborn fawn curled in its grassy bed, lying perfectly still to avoid attracting attention, or maybe we get a short look at a week-old fawn and mother silhouetted in the rising sun, standing next to one another while the fawn nurses. These brief glimpses into this period of life are heartwarming and cause us to become even more attached to the serenity of nature. However, the reality of this period of life for fawns is far from serene: It is a daily, or even hourly, struggle to survive, and the majority of fawns are not successful.


When a newborn fawn enters the world, there is a long list of challenges that must be overcome if it is to survive,

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