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Y MOM MUST have made hundreds of pies in a hundred different combinations of flavors over the course of her life. She was the queen of the flaky crust. In the summer she used fresh blackberries and cherries for filling. In the fall, sweet raisin, apples, decadent

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Built by Angels
SUNDAY NIGHT, I was thinking about making dinner when the phone rang. “Turn on CBS,” a voice said. “What?” Click. The caller hung up. No, it wasn’t code or a message from heaven. It was just my mom. She sometimes made calls like that when she was wat
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Down To Earth
A QUICK RUN to the grocery store, in and out. Back in a jiff. But try telling that to my Jack Russell, Archie. He’s gotten mighty spoiled with me working from home full-time during the pandemic. I reassured him as best I could, got him interested in
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Sewing for Hope
RED HEARTS decorated the windows inside the dollar store, but that wasn’t what I’d come in for today. I’d stopped off on my way home from my nursing shift at the V.A. Mental Health Clinic as a favor to one of my patients. Irv was a Vietnam veteran wh