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Y MOM MUST have made hundreds of pies in a hundred different combinations of flavors over the course of her life. She was the queen of the flaky crust. In the summer she used fresh blackberries and cherries for filling. In the fall, sweet raisin, apples, decadent

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Built by Angels
SUNDAY NIGHT, I was thinking about making dinner when the phone rang. “Turn on CBS,” a voice said. “What?” Click. The caller hung up. No, it wasn’t code or a message from heaven. It was just my mom. She sometimes made calls like that when she was wat
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Angel Sightings
OUR GALAXY HOLDS so much mystery and beauty—and so many miracles. I was reminded of that after seeing NASA’s release of this photo of the Butterfly Nebula, or NGC 6302, as it’s cataloged. When I look at this picture I see God’s hand at work in the co
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The Humility Sisters
‘‘Afternoon babysitter needed.” That was the ad I put in our local shopper newspaper, a common way to find help back in 1975. My firstborn, Jenny, was six weeks old, and I was scheduled to return to work teaching half days at school. “Maybe we’ll fin