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The Collector
AS A LITTLE GIRL, I watched in fascination as my mother darned socks over a wooden darning egg for all 10 of us kids, a silver thimble on her finger to protect from needle pricks. When I was grown with children of my own, I spied a set of porcelain t
Angels on Earth magazine1 min letti
Only Human?
NEVER HAD I SEEN such a winter in Maryland. The snow plows were busy keeping the roads clear. I didn’t like driving at night in these conditions, especially when a few months pregnant, but I’d agreed to chaperon my 12-year-old daughter Nicole’s field
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A Housewarming gift
SOFA PILLOWS arranged about me for comfortable viewing, I tucked the throw around my legs and picked up the remote for the TV. A good movie at the end of the day could give me a lift. But when I hit the power button, all I got was a bright pink scree