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Smile Of The French Enlightenment
No artist has handled pastel more adroitly than did Maurice Quentin de La Tour (1704–88). His portraits, perceptive in characterization and brilliant in technique, represent a virtual who’s who of the French Enlightenment. La Tour’s facility was hard
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Packing Supplies
I always want to bring art supplies with me on a trip, so I put together a small kit that fits into my backpack. I don’t use a tripod or easel. Instead I attach my paper to a piece of foam core and hold it in my lap or lay it flat when working. I l
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Tips for Painting Lavender
Observation is important. The time of day, weather conditions and quality of the light source will change the appearance of color in a landscape. Being aware of these variables will help your paintings look more authentic. If we aren’t paying attenti