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With bloodsuckers and the braindead overexposed, witches arein the mid-’60s, it took a while for enchantresses to cast a new spell. Lately, however, sultry sorceresses (and a few brooding warlocks) are all over TV, riding a hockeystick-shaped broomstick of popularity that lifted off in the late ’90s and went stratospheric in the ’00s.

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Credit Roll
Executive Producers: Jimmy Kimmel, Ian Stewart, Guy Carrington, Reginald Hudlin, David Jammy Coexecutive Producers: Byron Phillips, Rob Paine, Kevin Hermanson Directed By: Hamish Hamilton Writers: Jimmy Kimmel, Amberia Allen, Jamie Abrahams, Tony
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A Perfect Union
“JUST DO IT.” When Portland-based ad agency Wieden+Kennedy tagged its campaign for Nike apparel with those simple three words, few could have guessed the influence — and longevity — they would have. But the slogan, coined in 1988, remains in the ve
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A Familiar Ring
The young Holly Robinson kept muffing her line. Her father, Matt Robinson, was playing Gordon on Sesame Street. “I was supposed to say, ‘Hi, Gordon!’” confesses the actress-producer, now known as Holly Robinson Peete. “Instead, I kept saying, ‘Hi, Da