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Now You Can Cast A Sonar
RRP: £129.99 AND £169.99. Describing its newly launched and castable fish-finder, Garmin claims the “Striker Cast is a versatile sonar device that anglers can take with them wherever they go.” Yes, it’s tiny, very efficient and it could be quite use
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Tackling Up For Early Season Offshore Trips
A few years ago, my main target would have been cod with the occasional spurdog, smoothhound or even bass. Now, with spurs more likely, it has meant a slight change in the gear to suit our changing target species. It’s a case of trying to tackle up
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Rules Of The Road
FEW RECREATIONAL BOAT anglers understand who has right of way when they encounter other vessels while at sea. Statements such as “power always gives way to sail,” or “might is right,” are often heard, but those at the helm have a duty to be aware of