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Crazy Colour

f bold, bright and beautiful is what you are after, plant this month’s (commonly known as cock’s comb). Available in a colour feast of red, orange, yellow, hot pink, rose, mahogany and magenta, celosias are exceptionally hardy little plants. Not only are they very wind tolerant, making them a particularly good choice for gardens exposed to strong winds as well as coastal gardens, but they also prefer to grow slightly drier rather than wetter. Try not to plant them with other annuals or plants that require regular watering, especially if you’re using an automated sprinkler system. The blooming time of normally lasts eight weeks, and is undaunted by our unrelenting sun, but will go on for even longer with deadheading.

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Bold, Blue Squill
Fact file: The basionym of Merwilla plumbea is Scilla natalensis. A basionym is an earlier, valid scientific name of a species that has since been renamed. Merwilla plumbea, also known as the wild squill, is a member of the Hyacinthacea family. It is
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Annuals For Shade
Gardening in shady areas can prove to be tricky. Begonias fill that gap beautifully, each plant producing masses of jewel-like flowers to brighten the darkest of corners. Begonia semperflorens hybrids can vary in size: the very dwarf type can be used
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Sow Some Veld
Ornamental veld grasses are a big part of modern prairie gardens, but sowing them is not something you would normally think of doing. Think again, because from high summer and going well into winter, plants will be bearing lusty seed plumes full of s