WellBeing Wild

The soul’s blueprint

Daisy Clementine Douglas begins our online session with an opening prayer. Her voice is soft and knowledgeable as she asks me to close my eyes and bring awareness to my breath. She moves presence through my entire body, connecting with Mother Earth and the cosmos and inviting spirit guides and power animals to sit with us. I’m cross-legged on my bed and her words are coming through my computer speakers, yet it feels like she’s an old friend sitting next to me.

After a few more moments, Douglas asks me to open my eyes. I feel calm and excited to spend the hour together. In this session, she explains, I’ll discover my

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WellBeing Wild4 min letti
Adios, Single Use
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A Wild Welcome
Wild ones. Before we get into issue four and celebrate our one-year-old birthday with a good ol’ iso shindig, we’d like to pay our respects to our Country and its people. WILD is created on Bundjalung Country in Byron Bay and printed on Gadigal Count