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esearch is most exciting when it throws up something contrary to popular belief. My field, psychology, has a reputation for finding things that confirm what we already know about ourselves – behaviour like preferring to hang out with people who are like us, or trusting someone we believe is credible – and maybe that’s

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BBC Science Focus Magazine2 min lettiNature
Frozen Plant Fossils Hint At Catastrophic Future Ice Melts
If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt away, global sea levels would rise an average of six metres, putting almost every coastal city in the world at risk of major flooding. Now, a study of an ice core forgotten for more than 50 years has found this
BBC Science Focus Magazine6 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Going Back To The Moon
For almost 40 years, our nearest cosmic neighbour, the Moon, was left alone as we looked elsewhere in the Solar System. That changed in 2013, when China’s Chang’e 3 lander touched down on the lunar surface. Since then there’s been an explosion of int
BBC Science Focus Magazine1 min lettiChemistry
Structural Integrity
Muon tomography’s ability to detect density differentials inside an object gives it plenty of potential applications outside of archaeology and volcanology. Cavities and cracks inside structures often equate to areas of weakness, so if they can be id