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How To Sow Your Seeds
✔Use a proprietary seed compost, ideally with some loam content, rather than home-made garden compost. The latter is great to use as a mulch outside, but it contains fungi and other pathogens that may cause seeds or delicate seedlings to rot in the c
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How To Grow Cacti From Seed
Cacti are exciting to grow from seed – their plump seedlings appear quickly and they’ll begin to develop their characteristic spines in under a year. Cactus seeds are available from seed merchants and specialist societies, but if you know someone wit
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Clematis Wilt
Clematis wilt disease is caused by a fungus that enters the plant through a wound, made either by an insect or an abrasion, such as rubbing from a plant tie. The top of the clematis suddenly wilts, collapses and dies back, and the problem quickly spr