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Only recently has significant research been undertaken into specific nutritional advice for the female athlete, since the majority of historical studies are based on males. In all honesty, many of the recommendations are the same across both genders, so here we’ll focuses on the most important differences coupled with practical take-homes for the female reader.


With the pressure to be lean in endurance sports and society, women are more likely to experience poor body image and poor relationships with foods,

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Coach’s Tips Bike-speed Prep
It’s important to keep your bike well-maintained. If you clean it and care for it, you can expect better performances. Choose which measure of intensity works for you and stick with it. It might be power/pace/heart rate, but keep it specific to you.
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Ask Mark Kleanthous, a man with 400 triathlons under his belt, what his favourite race is and Kalmar is right at the top of the list. Only launched in 2012, the location on Sweden’s eastern coast has become a firm favourite on the European M-Dot circ
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How To Run Safely In The Dark
1 Key for remaining visible and being able to see your run path is a powerful headtorch. One with a long 50hr battery life and a mighty 500 lumens is the secure-fit HR5 CORE Ledlenser (£79.95). ledlenser.co.uk 2 If you don’t like wearing lights on