History of War


IWM’s aid worker tribute

IWM North’s new exhibition explores the vital role of aid workers who assist those in need during modern conflicts

Across the world, aid organisations are working to support, care for and protect vulnerable populations forced to flee their homes because of conflict. However, difficult questions arise about who they choose to help, which risks to undertake and whether the presence of aid organisations do more than harm than good. These are some of the challenges that are explored in ‘Aid Workers: Ethics Under Fire’, which is

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Crushing Khwarezmia
At the turn of the 13th century the once-mighty Seljuk Empire fractured, leaving the Muslim world in a power vacuum. While the caliph’s Abbasid dynasty, centred in Baghdad, enjoyed a brief resurgence, so too did another, further east in Central Asia.
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The Met
The targe is part of the collections of the Department of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Known as The Met, the museum is the largest art museum in the United States and contains the popular Department of Arms and A
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From 1642, the British Civil Wars consumed the Stuart dynasty’s three kingdoms in a titanic struggle between king and parliament. The conflicts – which were proportionally the bloodiest in Britain’s history – were fought across England, Scotland, Ire