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Fighting fascism

The Good Germans: Resisting the Nazis 1933–1945 by Catrine Clay Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 416 pages, £20

Julius Leber was one of many Germans who found themselves at odds with the Nazis when they rose to power. As a leading Social Democrat, he was promptly imprisoned in 1933, where he stoically remained for four years. Upon his release,

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Building Back Better
Ruin and Renewal: Civilising Europe After World War II by Paul Betts Profile, 544 pages, £25 What is civilisation? Is it the glorious summit of our climb out of the primeval swamp? Is it the triumph of culture and manners over the forces of barbarism
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They Said That Londoners Could Take It. But Could They?
Accompanies Lucy Worsley’s documentary on the Blitz which is due to air soon on BBC One What does “Blitz Spirit” really mean? It’s a concept that’s frequently invoked in times of crisis: a curiously British commitment to keeping calm and carrying on.
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Dead Wrong
Why did the Black Death intrigue you as the backdrop for a story? I wrote the novel pre-Covid but, sensing a dismal turn in world events, the Black Death seemed to resonate with that gloom. Here was a tragedy of human suffering, and a comedy of human