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As one of the largest ammo companies in the world, Federal is. ) is where the company’s most experienced ammo engineers build rounds—one by one, with the tightest imaginable tolerances—for hunters who demand nothing but the best. From TSS shotshells to centerfire rifle cartridges with an impressive variety of bullet options—including many not available in Federal factory loads—the Custom Shop delivers true white-glove craftsmanship inside every fancy black box. Seriously, the guys wear white gloves.

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Support Mechanisms
There are two rules every big-game hunter should live by. Jeff Cooper laid them out in The Art of the Rifle when he wrote, “The basic principle of field marksmanship can be stated thus: 1. If you can get closer, get closer. 2. If you can get steadier
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Make A Case
When the Otter splashed down on the remote Labrador lake, I was the poorest man exiting the door. I was there as a guest of the Labrador government to write about a new brook trout lodge. The guys that had paid full price each cut a check that would
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Trouble In Turkey Country
It started with localized grumbling. Turkey hunters weren’t hearing as many gobbles—the benchmark for a successful morning in the spring woods—as normal. Then the harvest reports confirmed that hunters were killing fewer toms. With that came troublin