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This month, as you pause to reflect on all the planning, application of field skills and good fortune that culminated in killing that deer (or elk or bear) at your feet, take an extra moment before notching your carcass tag. Use half that moment to thank the animal that will feed your family, and which ginned up so much adventure and excitement in its pursuit. Then use the other half to think about the legal and social implications of what you’re about to do.

This transition between a successful hunt and everything that comes next is

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Float Tube Accessories
PUMP: The K-Pump K-100 ($78.75; is a tough, durable, fast-action pump that allows for stand-up pumping and stows compactly. A less expensive option is the Inflatable Watercraft Hand Pump from Classic Accessories ($28.95; classicaccessorie
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Rigging Right For Ultralight
You don’t have to buy an ultralight rod to fish small lures, though a 5- to 6-foot UL will definitely help. However, you’ll definitely want light, flexible line—either mono or braid—that will slip easily off the lip of the spool. Your distance with 1
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The Myth Of Abundance
Think about the narratives we love to tell each other—and the non-hunting majority of our fellow Americans—about how we hunters and anglers brought back the nation’s wildlife populations. We speak sort of defensively, ready to argue with those who ca