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Eat the Damn Pie

Let’s make something super clear: You do not need permission to eat dessert, ever, but especially on a holiday. In fact, a lot of research shows that “giving into” dessert desires can actually help you stick to a healthy diet, says Jamie Vespa, M.S., R.D. What’s more, loosening the reins around your diet can be better for your body, long term. “Over time, constantly tracking calorie intake can disconnect you from your body’s natural hunger and satiety cues,” Vespa says. “Not only does the heightened focus on numbers take away from actually enjoying the food you're eating, it can be a slippery slope from monitoring calories to obsessing over them.”

The holidays can be a great time for taking breaks from the tracking apps, Vespa says. Focus on the people you're with, and eat mindfully—your body will let you know when you’ve had enough.



For a boozy twist, whisk 2 to 3 tablespoons bourbon into the corn

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