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Cinderella’s Castle became our FAIRYTALE HOME!
Juill Clark will never forget the first time she and her husband John laid eyes on the turreted mansion that became their home. “I thought, ‘I can’t believe it – this is just like a castle!’” Juill beams at the memory. “Then John and I walked into th
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They’re best buddies who decided the perfect time to travel together for the first time would be on national telly, but after a few minutes chatting to Travel Guides New Zealand duo Emily Dang and Nicolas Tian, you get the sense that nothing much faz
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How We’ll Blow The Dough!
Congrats on your enormous win! How did you feel during the auction? Surreal and unbelievable. It was ridiculous. You’ve won the most money in the show’s history. What’s so special about your house? It’s the emotional connection that we created for