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Sticking to the same discipline can kill motivation and stall progress. ‘If you love running or cycling, combining it with weights and yoga can also really help your overall fitness. It also increases). Whatever sport you’re into, try to complement it with another form of fitness to bump up training results and keep challenging your body.

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A Note On Genetics
Different postural types display abdominals differently. The slightly lordotic or curvy lower back, with a pelvis that tilts forward, display abs well. Others need to get super lean for theirs to show. Of course, genetics shape us, but given an impro
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''Exercise Makes Me Feel Like Superwoman"
Q TELL US HOW YOU WOULD TYPICALLY START YOUR DAY. A typical day starts with coaching my Zoom Room workouts from 7:30am. It’s a 40-minute class mixing cardio, strength, HIIT and mobility. I have around 25 people training with me in each Zoom session,
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It’s All About Balance
Research has found that around half of all adults make New Year Resolutions, yet only ten per cent manage to stick to them. If this strikes a chord, don’t beat yourself up. Often, it’s the nature of the resolution that can set us up to fail – decidin