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Sticking to the same discipline can kill motivation and stall progress. ‘If you love running or cycling, combining it with weights and yoga can also really help your overall fitness. It also increases). Whatever sport you’re into, try to complement it with another form of fitness to bump up training results and keep challenging your body.

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The Good Gut Guide
It is estimated that around 400 bacterial species and 100 trillion microbes live in our gut. This ecosystem – known as the microbiome – influences our nutrition, metabolic health, immune system and even mental health. Indeed, research has shown that
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Why Try Cycling?
• ‘Cycling is a male-dominated sport but don’t be intimidated by that. The community is so welcoming, and I wouldn’t have survived lockdown without my quarantine pod of five men. I might always be at the back but it’s pushed me to dig deeper and get
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How HEALTHY Are You?
The word ‘fit’ is so often used synonymously with the word ‘healthy’ it seems unfathomable that someone who is physically fit might still be unhealthy, and yet it’s possible. Indeed, the two terms describe different things, with ‘fitness’ relating to