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Beat falls with better BALANCE

A lot of good health comes down to good balance – a well-balanced diet, a decent work/life balance and the ability to move about without falling over. ‘Although falls can happen to any of us at any age, they’re the leading cause of death in older people,’ says Dr Melanie Wynne-Jones. It’s the combination of decreasing muscle mass and strength as we age, plus weaker bones, which can break more easily if we fall. ‘One in three people over 65 falls at

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Sexual health problems are not as uncommon as you may think. Vaginal dryness is an extremely common issue. The vagina is lubricated by secretions from glands in the cervix, which are under the control of oestrogen. When oestrogen levels drop, such a
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Woman's Weekly1 min lettiMedical
Hip Replacement Type Matters
The 2018 database of 100,000 UK hip replacements showed variation between hospitals in implant longevity. One hospital, with the highest implant survival rate, used a single type of hip replacement for all. Restricting analysis to patients who receiv