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ITV’s Biggest Earners
Despite doing exactly the same job as Piers, Susanna, 50, reportedly earns less than half of her GMB co-host’s salary, taking home £500,000 a year. But she’s also done various other TV work, including Strictly Come Dancing and BBC’s Sunday Morning Li
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Q My son is 15 and only 5ft 2in. He is by far the smallest in his class and I know he is becoming very self-conscious about it. I keep hoping for a growth spurt, but he has started puberty and there are no signs of him getting any taller. A We all de
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Get The GOSS!
We were shocked to hear the claims of Coleen Nolan’s treatment at the hands of TV executives – and now her agent, Melanie Blake, has spoken to Woman’s Own to reveal the extent of the disgraceful comments. Agent and author Melanie, who also works with