Keeping school afloat in a crisis

‘Students joined one by one – at the end of the first month, we had 33 students. After getting education from the school boat, they understand that it helps them in every way’

ou’re standing at the front of the classroom projecting images onto the wall and the children are following along in their textbook

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Listen to Lemn
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How To Handle Underhand Behaviour
● Manipulation is a natural tendency among humans, although most would see it as damaging and something to be avoided. ● Signs of manipulation are patterns of behaviour linked to narcissism, Machiavellianism or psychopathy. ● If you feel you are bein
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Fit For Purpose
● There are two types of laughter: spontaneous and voluntary. ● Both are highly contagious: when we see someone laughing, we are highly likely to join in. ● So, a giggle fit in your classroom is entirely natural and may even be beneficial. Laughter c