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Winds Of Change
MG Motor UK announced that it wants to make electric cars affordable for everyone and the HS PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) is part of the current UK electric model line up. It has a short-range battery motor as well as a petrol engine, so ra
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£9.99 (ref: M121C) MGOC Spares now offers DB10 Brake/Flasher Conversion Leads from Retronics, designed to work in conjunction with the Retronics Hazard Warning Light Module (ref: M121, £49.95). The latest product development suits MGs fitted with the
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Trimmed To Perfection
It takes knowledge and experience to know what is worth saving sometimes. As the old adage says: certain cars are often “worth more dead than alive” when it comes to scrapping them. When David Koskela, the owner of UK MGF/TF specialists Church Square