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In Brief
The winning letter from Pam Appelgryn about the paramedic who attended the car crash in which her son died had me in tears (YOU Say 31 December). What an angel Tobie is! Bless him. BARBARA, SOMERSET WEST A big thanks to YOU magazine and the sponsor
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I REGARD you as a criminal, Covid! You’ve robbed me and many others! You’ve killed people. You’ve robbed them of their jobs and their livelihoods. You’ve disabled them. You’ve robbed me of my freedom of movement, curtailed my actions, made me insecur
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The Enigma in 25C
MY SAFETY and emergency procedure training flickers through my mind rapidly, trying to find a match with the situation I find myself in. My instinctive alarm bells are ringing, but I can’t quite decide if this is an emergency or not. I may look like